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Someone once said that a person who can express himself through writing will never be lonely. This is true. With all the stories and characters in my head, I live several lives simultaneously. After immigrating to Canada, the necessity to communicate in a language that is not my mother tongue somehow muted my ability to convey stories through words. I had to re-think and re-invent the way I create. As a result, my creative impulse shifted from words to images. Now each of my images is a story unto itself: The story of love and friendship, beauty and happiness, life and eternity.

Only in Russian:



Born on the Pacific shore of Russia I travelled almost around the world and settled down on the other side of the ocean. I love to travel. It’s in my blood. I love to watch how other people live, to eat what they eat, see what they see— their families, art and monuments. I have found that the deepest sense of another culture can only be learned by experiencing it in person through sight, touch, smell, and taste. It’s through the richness of experience that your spirit grows..



I started to practise qigong in 2001. This Chinese art of self-regulation became a pillar of my life. Self-discovery is a fascinating journey full of disappointments, miracles and insights. This practice helped me to feel the oceanic oneness. I wake up every morning and sit in silence. This is my inner hygiene. It is a reminder that I am human and I was born to make mistakes and at the same time I was born to make amends. It’s a reminder that there are things which are fundamental, and that the noise of life can obscure my vision; that in any circumstance I need to act from a place of love and compassion, as this is the only true law know.



I love them all, even those who are not very lovable. I believe what they all need respect and understanding. Animals are not toys, trophies or objects one can sacrifice for the greater good. They are our partners, as unique and important as we are. I support many organizations and incredible people who have made it their life’s purpose to promote the wellbeing of all animals. Here in Vancouver I volunteer for VOKRA (Vancouver Kitten Rescue Organizations) and take pictures of cats listed for adoption. I am privileged to be a part of the chain that helps bring these abandoned animals to loving homes.


When I need a studio setting I book a common room and bring my very special set of professional light. The room is very far from being glamorous but it does not add to the price of a photo and totally serves the purpose

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