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Our lives are dynamic. We are in constant motion—kids are growing up, parents are ageing. We change jobs, haircuts, habits, styles, and cities. We change. Sometimes it feels like a crazy kaleidoscope turned by some unstoppable hand. In the midst of sea-change, I see pictures as anchor points. They are something we can come back to. We can remember this time by how we look in pictures. That is why I think it is important not just to capture your face, but to tell the story of relationships, family bonds, and the things you love to do together.

​It is pretty common to photograph milestones such as engagements, weddings, maternity and newborn and cake smash—But there are also family gatherings, birthdays, the reunion of friends, and of course, our kids, who always seem to grow faster than we want them to. That’s why 80% of my work is dedicated to kids and childhood photography. The funny and miraculous world of children is everchanging. The books they read, the toys they play with will soon be forgotten. Why not stop time? Let them play, explore, be themselves and I will capture these precious moments for you, for them and for their children to enjoy.

We can make History together!

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