Personal Branding

Headshots are usually taken for the purpose of self-promotion. It could be a corporate website, your social media profile, dating sites or an actor's portfolio. Experts say you are seven times more likely to be considered for a job if you have a good profile photo that reflects your personality. Together we can build your personal statement (something specifically driven by your character and your professional skills) and then bring it to life during your photo session.

It takes only milliseconds for a stranger to get an impression of you based on a photograph. Let’s make that first impression a great one!

Don't fret, it's fun!


Social Media

- 30 Minutes

- 1 Look

- 5 Retouched Images



Headshot I

- 45 Minutes

- 1-2 Look

- 10 images (5 Horizontal and 5 Vertical)



- 1 Hour

- 2-3 Looks

- 15 Retouched Images



Headshot II

- 60-90 Minutes

- 2-3 Looks

- 20 Images (10 Horizontal and 10 Vertical)

- Unlimited Support and Fun


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